AWD Rolling Road

AWD Rolling Road

We have on site a AWD rolling road dyno. Our dyno is capable of a maximum 2000bhp. Being the only AWD dyno in the area we can cater for a lot of vehicles, we can dyno front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive.

We can carry out a power run before and after remap. We do this so that you can see for yourself the performance (or lack of) that your vehicle had when it came in, and can see a vast improvement in power and performance after the remap.

We also use our 4WD rolling road to diagnose faults with vehicles, as this extraordinarily powerful diagnostic tool simulates real road conditions, and allows us to look at and interpret live data whilst the vehicle is running so that we can diagnose even the most complex running faults. Some vehicles may only experience an intermittent fault at a certain speed, with this tool we can simulate these conditions and safely monitor the data, meaning that we can fully diagnose and make an informed and accurate assessment.

We offer dyno power runs and dyno group days. We can measure power and torque at the wheels or engine and give printed graphs of the results.

Our dyno will calculate a true drive train loss %, as every drive train is different this means we can accurately calculate true engine power / torque. We do not use a set % of power loss, we use true calculated loss every time.