Bespoke ECU Tuning


We specialise in petrol and diesel ecu tuning. We can write a custom tailored file in house to meet your specific requirements which means your completely bespoke remap will achieve the best possible performance for you vehicle. You will be provided with a before and after Dyno report certifying the precise increases in power.

Some of the services Boottune can offer you:

Bespoke stage 1, custom calibrated software designed to work with stock or mildly modified vehicles, producing an impressive increase in performance, drivability while maintaining an optimal balance of fuel economy.

Bespoke stage 2, custom calibrated software building on the success of the stage 1. This calibration takes into consideration additional hardware upgrades such as induction kits, exhaust, downpipes and intercoolers. Producing even more power for those who desire that bit more performance.

Bespoke stage 3, custom calibrated software designed purely for the petrol heads on road or track that demand nothing but perfection from their highly modified vehicles. This calibration takes into consideration all of the stage 2 modifications and additional hardware upgrades such as, hybrid turbos, big turbo upgrades and injector upgrades.

Decat / lambda off - Hardcut rev limiter (petrol) - Popcorn rev limiter (diesel) - Pop & bangs over run (petrol) - Adblue off - swirl flaps - Rev limiter off - Speed limiter removal - DTC / EGR / DPF solution - Cold start off - Hot start fix - ECU cloning - Immobiliser disable - Twin ecu maps