BPS Garage offer a large variety of services, with our team of qualified vehicle technicians we will be able to offer you the support you need.


We offer a choice of ways to service your car. From Interim to Full Service we can cater for your car. We only use top quality parts with Original Equipment specifications or Genuine parts on request and we have on site the diagnostics equipment needs to reset your cars service data.

Repairs & Maintenance

We carry out all repairs for all vehicle types from minor to major. For an estimate get in touch and see how we can help.

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Exhausts
  • Batterys
  • Tyres
  • Cambelts
  • Electrical
  • Paint Body work

Recovery & Collection

If you've broken down, we can send one of our recovery vehicles out to collect your car and safely recovery it back to our depot. From motorbikes to cars and vans, we've got the staff and recovery fleet to meet even the most demanding rescue and recovery operation. Our fleet of rescue vehicles includes flat-bed trucks, 4x4s & service vans.


We have specialist diagnostics tools for the vast majority of cars on the road today. We are not restricted to any particular make or model. We have the some of the same vehicle diagnostic tools as supplied to the dealers in addition to other specialist products. It is important to note that we are not just talking about code readers, most of our work involves the use specialist equipment to determine the actual cause of any issues found.


We can help guide you through tyre purchases. Quality tyres are fitted in our tyre bay by qualified fitters ensures safety and longevity. We can correct anyother issues such as incorrect wheel alignment to ensure your safety and the full life of the tyres are obtained.

Wheel alignment

Tracking and laser alignment is out dated and not always truly accurate, We have on site a 4 wheel alignment machine which uses Automatic Tracking Camera Beams which is much more accurate. We can give before and after print outs showing Camber, Track & Toe and we can adjust lowered vehicle in which some shops struggle.

Air Con

Air-conditioning comes as standard in most makes and models, but it's not common knowledge that your air-con should be serviced every two years. This isn't included in a regular service or MOT.

If left un-serviced, you can experience poor performance and bad smell from the vents. Our team can service and repair both gas tyres , R134A and R1234YF.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

At BPS we are also qualified & certified to service and repair electric vehicles. You can expect the same level of expertise from us on an electric vehicle as your would any other car.

Carbon cleaning & DPF specialists

Our on site Body shop and our team can help with your body and paint work. We carry out all aspects of paint and body repairs from small scratch repairs to full resprays, custom paint jobs, accident damage repair and wheel refurbishments.


Remapping is a software modification within a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU). We modify the operating parameters within the code (or 'map') to increase the vehicle's performance and/or economy, without the need to change or add any hardware. We can show your remapped gains using our onsite AWD rolling road dyno.

Performance Parts & Fitting

Working along side of our ECU tuning, we also supply and/or fit performance car parts.

  • Custom fabricated exhausts & Intercooler pipe work
  • Performance air filters & induction kits
  • Blow off & recirculation valves
  • Polybush suspension kits
  • Forge motorsport parts
  • Clutches, engine parts & More

Specialist Equipment

We have invested in specialists equipment which allow us to carry out the sophisticated jobs. Some of the specialist jobs we can do but not limited to:

Snapped Glow Plug Removal - If you have a snapped glow plug, we can extract it without major engine dis-assembly

Hydraulic Injector Pulling & Milling - A lot of vehicle suffer from seized injectors, meaning it cant be removed when it fails. We have the hydraulic pulling equipment allowing us to pull using upto 20 ton of pressure. In some cases injectors can become so seized that when pulled they snap, along side of this we have the milling equipment needed to extract snapped injectors with out engine dis-assembly

ECUs & immobilisers - Aswell as ecu tuning, we offer other services Including ECU repairs, Immobiliser removal, Virginising & Second hand component swaps and recoding.

Locking wheel nut removal - Losing your locking wheel nut is more common than you may think, We can remove your locking wheel nut with out the key

Diagnostic Computers & dealer functions - We don't just run generic ECU scanning tools, We are constantly updating and upgrading our tools in order to have access to dealer & specialists functions needed to repair and diagnose vehicles.

Electronic stethoscope - This tool allows us to accurately pinpoint automotive noises and vibrations and accurately diagnose the issue.