Increased Performance and Save Money

By having your vehicle remapped, you are able to enjoy lower fuel consumption while not compromising on engine performance, but actually increasing performance at the same time. We have undertaken engine remapping for cars and commercial vehicles, offering a top quality service every time.

We use the very latest techniques and equipment to make it simple to have your car engine tuned, reliability is never compromised and nearly all cars can be done without being traceable.

With soaring fuel costs, many people are looking to get more miles to the gallon, which is where our engine remapping comes in. We will have your engine tuned to the correct specifications and give you benefits such as more power and enhanced throttle response

Benefit From:

  • Better MPG
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved acceleration
  • Enhanced throttle response

ENJOY DRIVING AGAIN, it's that good.

With Turbocharged Cars

To give you the best possible service we match increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fuelling, this does not affect reliability or the life of the engine. It enables you to have a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring our remap matches the fuelling to the increases in boost pressure.

We also work on commercial vehicles such as Sprinters, Transits and LDV with fantastic results, saving fuel and increasing performance especially when towing or carrying a full load.

Our technicians connect to the vehicle's ECU or 'brain' with a laptop PC, through a diagnostic socket, then read the current engine management file which is then sent electronically to our office and custom optimised for your vehicle.

The technician programs the new Tuning optimised file into your vehicle and you then have the opportunity yourself to experience the amazing results. On some vehicles it is not possible to carry out this function via the diagnostic socket so in this case the ECU is removed and either a chip change or boot loading function is carried out, direct into the ECU. The final effect is exactly the same, only the process is slightly longer. Dependent upon the vehicle, the remap normally takes around an hour to complete.